Sunday, October 29, 2006

Songs That Taste Like Coconut

Tonights songs all taste like coconut to me. Not so odd once you hear them ;)
The playlist includes
Ziggy Marley
Boozoo Bajou
Babel Gilberto
DJ Shadow
Miles Davis

Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Ziggy Marley - True To Myself

DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World

Miles Davis Live at the Isle of Wight (1970's)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

so it begins

The repost of the very first podcast

Sunday Night Jam Sessions

I finally decided to grow up a little. Well actually I did a long time ago, my myspace just got left behind. But alas, here's the "new" Venus. I've done some new podcasts based ont he music I listen to on a regular basis, a LOT of random tracks. To my Bay Headz, there will be some, but I won't remain limited by Bay music only. To keep it short here is the new cast. Probably available for download sometime in the week. i'm still working out kinks. In the meantime streaing is up.



playlist includes
The Grouch
Ben Harper
Mos Def
Jimi Hendrix

Unruly Hip Hop

Unruly hip hop posted 9.17.06 originally



Sunday Night Jam Sessions

click title

This is a video from Immortal Technique that more describes who he is and what he's fighting for. I feel it is important that I show it, because i do support him and what he is about. The song in the podcast is lighthearted, this video is not, and may require that you sign into YouTube due to content.

and to not end on a sour note... Roots Manuva

until next week...

Playlist includes
Andre Nickatina & Equipto
Immortal Technique & Big Zoo (Thanks Gov)
Roots Manuva
Jean Grae

Friday, October 20, 2006

get yourself high

Sunday Night Jam Sessions

one of my favorite videos of all time

get yourself high - Chemical Brothers & K-OS

Rascalz - Reppin Vancouver Hip hop

took this from Night's blog. But this has got to be one of the tightest things I've ever seen

my final thought

Sunday, October 15, 2006

From The Recessess of Hip Hop

From the recesses of hip hop...

Sunday Night Jam Sessions

This weeks podcast includes:

The Streets

Handsome Boy Modeling School
Feat Alex Kapranos, Barrington Levy, & Del The Funkee Homosapien

Verbal Kent

Jedi Mind Tricks

(i can't find pix =( maybe they don't really exist...)
Hairdoo For The People

Let's Push Things Forward

Heavy metal Kings

The True Tinseltown Story of The Taco Bell Dog
hella hilarious

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Off in the Pharcyde...

Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Tonights playlist includes the following artists...

Starting this off in The Pharcyde

Were Lyrics Born Later That Day...?

The Raconteurs

Dante Smith

Thievery Corporation

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Sunday Already?

So here it is, what you've been waiting for all week.
Sunday Night Jam Sessions

or here
Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Special thanks to The Gov for getting Big Zoo's name to me from the Immortal Tech track last week. Good look.

This weeks videos include
Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio
It's not that clear, you can watch it clearly on winamp if you have it, it's definately worth it ;)

DJ Shadow - Number Song

you'll get why I played this next week...

links to this weeks artists
STV On The Radio
The Noisettes



Sunday Night Jam Sessions


Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Oh Dey Think Dey Hyphy!

10.1.06 – Oh Dey Think Dey Hyphy…

or here
Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Patrone - The Team


Tell Me When To Go

Keep It On The Real - 3X Crazy I had to

omg Khari you were right.... CRUNK STARTED IN THE TOWN!
Crucial Conflict - Scummy

and lets not forget this beezie
lady sovereign - random