Sunday, February 25, 2007

rainy nights...

on the menu tonight

edin karamazov
Dan The Automator, DJ Shadow and Kalyanji Anandji
Omar Sosa and Greg Landau
Edson X
The Roots

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

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1. Edin Karamazov

Edin Karamazov is a Bosnian musician-lutenist (born in 1965 in Zenica, Bosnia). He studied lute with Hopkinson Smith at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and worked with such ensembles as Hesperion, L'Arpeggiata, Hilliard Ensemble, Mala Punica, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and singers Andreas Scholl, Anna-Maria Kiehr, Arianna Savall and Sting. Karamazov's solo archlute recording features Benjamin Britten's "Nocturnal" and J.S.Bach's Partita in d-minor (orig. for violin). Recent collaborations with Sting (in the field of 16th century music) resulted in the album "Songs from the Labyrinth", devoted to the lute-songs of John Dowland.

Edin is currently working with Macedonian singer and songwriter Kaliopi. They are preparing new material that will be released on the international market.

Lute Instruments

2. Dan The Automator, DJ Shadow and Kalyanji Anandji

Kalyanji Anandji was name used by Indian composer duo known for its work on Bollywood film soundtracks, particularly action potboilers in the 1970s. The name comes from first names of the two Gujarati brothers that formed the duo, Kalyanji Virji Shah and Anandji Virji Shah. Some of their best works are Don, Saraswatichandra and Safar.

Kalyanji and Anandji were born to Virji Shah, who migrated from Kutch to Mumbai to start a Kirana (provision store) business. The two brothers began to learn music from a music teacher, who actually knew no music, who taught them in lieu of paying his bills to their father. One of their four grand parents, was a folk musician of some eminence. They spent most of their formative years in the hamlet of Girgaum (a district in Mumbai) amidst Marathi and Gujarati environs — some eminent musical talent resided in the vicinity. The brothers were known for their humility and easy-to-approach nature. They also were well known for their love songs and poetry readings.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, their work was introduced to a young Western audience by three albums. 'Bombay The Hard Way: Guns Cars And Sitars' was a mix album put together by US DJ Dan The Automator; 'Bollywood Funk' was an Outcaste compilation album put together by Sutrasonic DJs Harv and Sunni; while 'The Beginners Guide To Bollywood' was compiled by John Lewis from Time Out magazine. All three of these records concentrated on Kalyanji Anandji tracks from 1970s films that featured funk breakbeats, wah-wah guitars and Motown-style orchestrations.

Kalyanji died on August 24, 2000.

3. Omar Sosa and Greg Landau

Omar Sosa (born April 10, 1965) is a Cuban composer and pianist of outstanding ability who is a recognised virtuoso of the piano.

He has played with a number of world musicians all around the globe. In 1995 he moved to San Francisco where he became deeply involved in the local Latin Jazz scene. Sosa mixes jazz influences alongside latin rhythms, North African percussions and spoken word/rap lyrics.

Greg Landau is an award-winning music and video producer, educator and music historian. He is a three-time Grammy nominee and has produced over 30 CDs, film sound tracks and videos. He has worked with renowned artists including: Patato Valdes, Buena Vista Social Club's Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, Susan Baca, Bobi Cespedes, Dr. Loco, Pete Seeger, Omar Sosa, John Santos, Pancho Quinto, Quetzal, Los Mocosos, Maldita Vecindad and David Byrne's record label Luaka Bop.

Recently, he produced the Grammy nominated album "Peru Blue" with Pamela Rodriguez. Greg Landau, Babatunde Lea, and John Greenham composed and produced "The African Diaspora Suite" for a permanent installation in the newly built Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. He also completed composing and producing the film score for Haskell Wexler's newest film, "Who Needs Sleep" which will debut at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. He is currently producing a CD for the Brazilian group, Sambada, as well as Mexican singer and songwriter Arturo Ortega.

During the 1980's he toured internationally as a guitarist and tresero with the reknowed Nicaraguan Nueva Cancion group, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy and Mancotal, and shared stages with Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Mercedes Sosa, Chico Buarque, Amparo Ochoa and Nicomedes Santa Cruz in music festivals and concerts all over Latin America and Europe.

Over the last two decades, Greg has worked extensively with Oscar winning filmmaker Haskell Wexler and with his father, Saul Landau making documentary films in Latin America. He has also done extensive cultural research in Latin America and has received a doctorate in Communication from the prestigious University of California, San Diego.

4. Edson X

Edson X Last.FM
Brazilian downtempo artist one that blends rootsy African/Brazilian percussion with elements of dub, funk, and hip hop -- . He appears on many compilations and is gaining international popularity.

5. The Roots

The Roots, also known as The Legendary Roots Crew, The Fifth Dynasty, The Square Roots and The Foundation, are an influential, Grammy winning Philadelphia-based hip hop group, famed for a heavily jazzy sound and live instrumentation. Inspired by the "hip-hop band" concept pioneered by Stetsasonic, the Roots themselves have garnered critical acclaim and influenced later hip-hop and R&B acts.
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Sunday, February 18, 2007


On the menu tonight:
a.Kruse feat Himself!
J Live
Saul Williams
DJ Shadow and Gift of Gab
Mos baby!

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions


This is For you - Himself!
This video is HELLA LA sunspot jonz and Murs are in it, omg lol loving it

J-Live freestyle in Toronto on 88.1

Coded Language - Saul Williams and DJ Krust

stay green.

and if you happen to see one of these...


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Love Session

I have no microphone here! I'll have to record later, but I didn't want your V-Day to go by without a set of Venus Love Songs.
Enjoy ;)

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

I can't believe that you'r in love with me - Billie Holiday
I don't want you on my mind - Bill Withers
In Love with you - Erykah Badu & Ziggy Marley
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) - Sarah Vaughn
I belong to you - Lenny Kravitz
Satellite - TV On the Radio

happy loving

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Penny for a thought

SO here's the menu for the night

The Rascalz Feat Esthero
Saul Williams Myspace and Bio

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

and just cuz I can, news about Obama running for president is even big news in Korea Obama Campaign

Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious

Escape Artist - Sage Francis

List of Demands - Saul Willims

stay green.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Super Bowl! Congrats Dungy!

Happy SuperBowl

On the menu tonight
Paul Oakenfold
Raz Ohara
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Beenie Man

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

ripped already ;)

stay green