Sunday, May 27, 2007

f*ck the haters

on the menu tonight:
blackstreet & slash
hot chocolate
george michael
nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood
vinnie pauleone

sorry about last week! i need to keep the jam sessions to about 25 minutes or my machine starts fighting back. so when i get more memory i'll end up posting that podcast. in the meantime, enjoy this one!

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

blackstreet, ODB, slash, fishbone - fix (video remix)

hot chocolate - everyone's a winner (another UK group!)

george michael - amazing

hope you LOVE it
stay green
fuck the haters.



Sunday, May 13, 2007

hop mom likes hip hop...

on the menu tonight:
Andre Nickatina
Grayskull & Xperience
Oscar Brown Jr.
X-Clan & Damien Marley

so this is what got me through the night...

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Grayskull: Seasoned veterans of the rap game and sharing stages with rap luminaries too varied to list entirely, they have spent the last 5 years touring extensively with their Oldominion crew as well as the Def Jux and Rhymesayers camps. The Grayskul live show itself is unique in that it consists of 2 emcees (Reason & Recluse), live bass (Phantom Ghost El Topo) and a DJ. They're no strangers to the recording studio either, with previous solo projects and appearances on Oldominion crew albums. They've apparently impressed their peers in the industry as well, as they have attracted guest appearances from legendary battle emcee Canibus, current indie Hip Hop idol Aesop Rock, Project Blowed heavyweight Abstract Rude and Howard Zinn's favorite rapper, Mr. Lif.
taken from Rhymsayers Ent

Oscar Brown Jr: Oscar Brown, Jr (October 10, 1926–May 29, 2005) was a singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, and civil rights activist. He ran for office in the Illinois state legislature and U.S. Congress, both unsuccessfully. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he was named for his father who was a successful attorney and real estate broker. His singing debut was on the radio show Secret City at age fifteen. Brown attended Englewood High School in Chicago, the University of Wisconsin, and Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) but did not obtain a degree. He served a stint in the U.S. Army, officially segregated until 1948, where his views on "race relations" were considered "subversive."[citation needed] In his youth, he was even a member of the Communist Party, USA, which ultimately also decided Oscar was "too subversive"; he was suspected to be a Black Nationalist.[citation needed]
from WIki

X-Clan: Known for its Afrocentrism and militant activism (they were members of Blackwatch), X-Clan soon gained fame for the controversy its music aroused, though commercial success was sporadic. Its debut was To the East, Blackwards (1990), followed by Xodus (1992), and a temporary break-up. Both albums peaked at #11 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip Hop Charts in the United States. They also coined the made-up word “vanglorious,” not to be confused with vainglorious, as a way to say Thanks but no thanks to Noah Webster (citation needed).
luvin Wiki

Sunday, May 06, 2007


On the menu tonight:

Mear One speaks on Graff
Betty Davis
DJ Spooky
Roots Manuva
Ramsey Lewis

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

SO... you're gonna need some links to go with this meal.
Mear One Website
my personal favorite
White God Almighty

Cannibal Flower Website
Ellsworth Got Beats

and now for some videos...

DJ Spooky - Why can't America have human rights?

DJ Spooky - RE-Birth Of A Nation
(only one minute of it. if you can find the wole thing please send a link my way!)

Ramsey Lewis - Living Just Enough For the City - Live in New Orleans - with Japanese subtitles...

hope you enjoy this hot n funky night

stay green