Friday, December 31, 2010

Prince - 1999

tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999!
Prince is another sexy little man.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Typography about language - Ronnie Bruce

This isn't music related but kinda...

Vernon Reid V.S. Beans: Caught In The Act

via @Surfinbrotha

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Covers

audioslave via @DatKidSincere

So the interesting thing about this song is when I first heard it, I heard it on the radio and it was in passing and they didn't say who it was. It was like the day it came out and it DROVE ME CRAZY. I told myself if I EVER heard it again I would remember the baseline and I HAD to get the title. None of my friends listened to The White Stripes at the time, and I was the only one listening to bands like that at the time so asking them was futile. You don't understand, I HAD to find this song again. So about a year later I was at work and I walked into the procedure room and no one was in there and there it was. Playing on my coworkers ipod. I literally dropped my instruments and ran to it. I remembered it.I don't think I've ever been able to remember a song I've only heard once as crystal clear as that.
I've been in love ever since.

On that note there's a billion covers. I wish I had gotten video of The Pharcyde when they opened with it. *sigh* you just can't fight this beat. So having said all that, I KNOW you've already heard the original, here are some covers.


The Dynamics

Benni Benassi - House Remix

and then for nerds like me who want to know how to play the song:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kylie Auldist - Community Service Announcement

Let's get lifted - John Legend

one of my faaaaaavorites! He's amazing live btw, I saw him with Estelle.
John Legend is a sexy little man.

Stronger - 30 Seconds to Mars

This sounds exactly how I would expect Jared Leto to sound. Is he single handedly trying to bring grunge back? Even if he's not apparently Kanye West was AMAZED by their cover of his song.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas From the Joker

HELL YES Thanks JOE!!!
from my favorite cartoon of all time.

Betty LaVette - My Man

one day I will sing this for someone.

Deltron 3030 - Mastermind

Even though he doesn't like light skinned girls, and in general we don't like him, that means him as a person, he's still an amazing MC.

Bonobo - Nothing Owed (live sessions)

Balkan Beat Box - Marcha De La Vida

This is so New York.
"Balkan Beat Box established their own unique sound by fusing the musical styles of Jewish, Mediterranean and Balkan traditions as well as the cultural influences of their home turf of New York City with electronica." via

Balkan Beat Box - Blue Eyed Black Boy

From Tel Aviv via New York.

The Rosebuds -- Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees cover)

Deep dark cover of stayin alive.
I LOVE covers that transform songs!!!!

The Brothers of Chico Dusty: Big Boi vs The Black Keys



Belle & Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laura Izibor - "If Tonight Is My Last" Live

Another Black Irish!!!!
She's actually FROM Ireland too. That's what's up.

Cathy Davey - The Nameless

Club 8- Dancing With the Mentally Ill

Swedish pop duo

Editors - Ear Raw Meat = Blood Drool (Magnus ''veggie'' Remix)

Wayfaring Stranger

I'm kind of obsessed with covers and how different people can take a song all over the place. So there will be a few of these posts.

This particular song I find fascinating. I keep coming across it, and keep finding amazing covers. The more I learn about it the more I understand why I'm drawn to it, but the short version is I'm just drawn to it.

A brief history via Wiki:

"Poor Wayfaring Stranger" is a traditional folk song of unknown origin. There are many and varied opinions as to its origin. Some of the proposed origins are Appalachian folk, old Irish folk, and Catskills folk. One theory is that it originates from the Negro Spirituals and there was a deliberate concealment of the song's origins. Clearly the song is of a spiritual nature as the Wayfaring Stranger sings of the hardships of his temporal life passing by and refers to his journeying on to a better place. This song has been recorded countless times.

And here's a bunch of my favorite covers.

I learned of this song originally from this master, one of my favorites, Eva Cassidy

Second favorite version, Johnny Cash

Third favorite, Jack White from the Cold Mountain soundtrack

Tennessee Ernie Ford

!!! - "Must Be the Moon"

Happy Eclipse

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Budos Band - Mark Of The Unnamed

ANOTHER dope album in 2010

Macy Gray - Stalker

OMG This came out this year toooo! I LOVE this album. I dunno honorary top 10

Ten Cent Pistol From Shanghai

Shameless promo. I edited this too. But I always think of this video when this song comes on. So I think that's a good sign. I'm REALLY curious to know what they will do for a video for this song.

Slowly But Surely - Holly Golightly

I edited this video. Love this song. Love this movie.

Madonna - Forbidden Love

I think my favorite music related story (because it sums me up the best) is when the Bedtime Stories album came out I went to Leopolds in Berkeley to buy it. At the time there was an in store Usher CD signing. I not only didn't know who he was, I also didn't really care. I KIND OF cared about being the only Black person (and a Black girl of the same age as these Usher fans) going to buy a Madonna CD, but not enough for me to go to another store. Even the guy at the counter looked at me with a quirk like "that was unexpected." Whatever. This album ROCKED. My favorite Madonna album. This is the album that introduced me to Tarsem Singh as a director too.
This song was produced by Babyface when he was king.

Nightmares On Wax - Flip Ya Lid

Top 10 Albums of 2010

10. American Ghetto - Portugal. The Man. So there's this person on TPB who whatever he posts I download. I don't know how, but they get EVERYTHING indie right when it comes out. And that's how I discovered this band. Pretty experimental, pretty dope.

9. The XX - XX. Gotta say I slept on this. If it hadn't have been for my friend who sent it to me and PRESSURED me to give him a realistic critique I would have skipped it. THANK YOU BRIAN! This album is so amazingly subtle. Check it if you haven't.

8. Distant Relatives  - Nas & Damian Marley. This would be #2 minus Nas. I'm not hating I'm just saying he was dope but COMPLETELY outclassed by my boo Damian Marley. Just listen to Patience. With that said it was still an amazing effort and beautiful piece of work to be created and gets the top 10.

7. How I Got Over - The Roots. I don't need to explain this do I? Maybe why it's 7 and not one? I don't live in that circle where everything they touch is gold that's why. It was enteratining but only seriously 2 songs stuck with me, and even though they stuck like glue there were still only 2.

6. Do You Want Power - The Ettes. I know I'm cheating, this came out in '09 but I had never heard of them until I saw them on tour with The Dead Weather. AWESOME!!!! I LOVE them, one of the few very personable bands. Coco's voice and Poni's hair are enough to make anyone go see them. They are SO much fun!!

5. The Social Network OST - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. This just caught me off guard. But then anything Trent Reznor seems to put his hands on ends up being amazing. This album has not yet failed to help me think as well as be inspired and creative. He definitely added to an already really good movie.

4. The Ghost Who Walks - Karen Elson. you don't even know how much I didn't want to like this album; an album by a model married to one of my favorite guys. UGH! But my open minded curiosity allowed me to love it. It's really... good. A moody piece on love and life, I was really entertained by her voice and lyrics.I actually really want to see her now if she makes it out this way.

3. Stars & Stripes The White Stripes: Re Imagined - Adrian Champion - I just found this but he did what I've always wanted someone to do. Put Mos Def and Jack White together.

2. Sea of Cowards - The Dead Weather
I went to listening parties for the release of this album. I went to the shows. I got up early and went to the store on the release date and I BOUGHT REAL A CD! This album was a full body experience for me. True story. 

1. Brothers - The Black Keys. This album is just perfect what can I say?

*It makes me sad that this is limited to only music released in 2010 when I discover SO much during the year. Much of it is old, but it's always nice to see what's being made presently that draws from that which I keep crate digging for. Bring on 2011! I can't wait to hear what people come up with next (starting with Nicole Atkins in January)

Budos Band: iii
Macy Gray: The Sellout
(more to come probably)

I Wish You a Reggae Christmas & a Dancehall New Year

3 CD Christmas music from the Island of Jamaica. Only up for a week.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grizzly Bear - All We Ask (Black Cab Sessions: Chapter Seventy-Nine)

Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox - Walkabout

"What did you want to see, what did you want to see when you grew up?"
I'm actually what I wanted to be, and doing the things I wanted to. Kinda nice. Except now I want to be something else lol
So I can listen to this with the ears of a child.

Crystal Stilts -- Graveyard Orbit

I must be having a flashback to the backyard bands from when I was little.

Doves - Kingdom Of Rust

I'm lovin the country beat on this, I wrote a country song yesterday.

Camera Obscura - Away With Murder

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hauschka at NPR: Mount Hood

He's just amazing to me every time I watch him.

Shivaree - "Goodnight Moon"

I would LOVE to browse Tarantino's musical hard drive.

Beaten By Them - Yo

I don't know how to post this song in here but it's pretty good. Click here to hear it on SF Station.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nas vs The Doors - It Ain't Hard to Tell

The White Stripes ft Outkast - Bombs Over Orchids

Ok this is my last post from this album because in general rap music tends to piss me off BUT Andre 3000 + White Stripes = Hella Yes. This remix is like a B+ but the potential is AMAZING

The White Stripes ft. Mos Def - Ms. Doorbell

(they didn't do it together but CLOSE ENOUGH)

The White Stripes ft. Jay-Z - Got Yourself a Cannon

I don't know how I feel about this. I'm a purest and it took me ALL of Jay Z's career to like him. I MIGHT cut him for this. But then... I might like it. I dunno.

Now this F*cking Apples song is f*cking blasphemy. Die Emenim. Using Apple Blossom. I hope you trip over a blade of grass while starring in my scary movie.
On that note, here is the album for free.

The Greenhornes Live @ KCRW

Jack White - I Fought Piranhas

Jack White could pretty much stand on top of a trash can at the corner of E. 14th and High and sing the national anthem, as long as it was directed at me, I'd remain madly in love.
What would be AMAZING dearest universe, is if he covered a Mos Def song, and vice versa. Although my hopes of Mos Def covering one of his are quite low since he has such a low opinion of White rockers. So sad. A song together would be like, my dream. I would tell them to name it Venus. I don't even know where that came from. I've been playing this song ALL day though, so maybe from there. Excuse my train of thought and enjoy I Fought Piranha's


Submitted by @surfinbrotha

Barton Finks - Dicey Street Blues

submitted by @jhonnyC323

I blame Coco - 10 No Smile

Sting's daughter. Dope.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Murat Ses - Agri Dagi Efsanesi (Prova Kayit)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah Turkey! This goes.

Baris Akarsu - Islak Islak

I even found a cover. And WOW guyliner is international. I had no idea.
Anyway this guy died in a car accident on the way back from a charity for orphaned children. Epic Martyrdom.

Cem Karaca - Islak Islak

Hey Turkey! I see you! I've gotten a huge influx of Turkish visits on my site so I decided to look up some Turkish rock and see what you have going on. This is GREAT! The song, not what he's wearing, although I suspect there's a Hipster somewhere biting his style and they can't even appreciate the music.

April March - Chick Habit

I haven't heard this in FOREVER!

Link Wray - Batman

For those that know me...

The Chantays - Wayward Nile

The Chantays - Pipeline

Lost Acapulco - Frenesick

Donavon Frankenreiter - Move By Yourself

Link Wray & His Ray Men - Jack the Ripper

"The Bartender never gets killed."

Surfer Blood - Harmonix

So I Discovered Surf Yesterday

Well, I USED to call it Tarantino music, which is like my favorite music ever, but I never knew there was a genre name. How stupid is that being that I'm from California? To my credit I associated all Surf with The Beach Boys. FAIL.
Anyway I was listening to KFJC, and this has happened twice, they just have perfect song after perfect song playing. Amazing. And FINALLY this woman who does the Reverb Hour, Cousin Mary, defines it for me. UGH! I'm so happy about that. blasting the surf channel. YES!!!! So beware. There will be like a million of these posts.

Surf Rider

The Drums - Best Friend

To my raraas! (the bestest in the WHOLE wide world)

Eskimo - We Got More

submitted by @surfinbrotha

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Dead Weather - Bone House (From The Basement)

I always think of @itsreally_sb when this song comes up.

The Black Keys - Midnight In Her Eyes


Soledad Brothers - Break 'em On Down

Broken Bells - Sailing to Nowhere

I Know What I Am - Band of Skulls

why do bands disable embedding? it would seem to me that they would WANT exposure. Anyone have answers?

Junior Kimbrough - All Night Long

The Black Keys may CLAIM they were most influenced by hip hop... But then listen to this guy.

The Raconteurs - Salute Your Solution

I turned out my friend Bone to Jack White via this song and Top Yourself the bluegrass version.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Swagger Dagger Riddim

I am sooooooo glad I finally found this. It would have helped if I remembered the title.

movie star riddim

So my brother explained to me that dancehall dj's make a riddim and pass them out to everyone to do something on. That's why you get those 20 minute versions of the same beat with everyone on it. LOVE IT.

Bookshelf Riddim

it's old but whatever

Mr. Vegas - Daggerin

Daggerin has GOT to be the worst metaphor ever.
I like this video though.

Dr Evil / Left Side / Split Personalities / Transformer NOT feat. Lil Wayne Chris Brown 50 Cent Jay Z


Dr Evil & Leftside - See Dem A Pree

MAN. It's not summer but it's TIME for dancehall. This guy raps better than most American rappers (at least those winning awards...) I'd put him

Dr. Evil & Leftside are the same person btw.
suck ya mama.

Kanye West - Don't Look Down Feat Mos Def Lupe Fiasco Big Sean

Dear Science,
I will ask again. It's almost Christmas, so maybe you'll listen. PLEASE. Please. Cross Mos Def and Jack White and send him to me.
Thank you.
ps. Yeah I think this is the only Kanye song I can tolerate right now. Could you please also find his mute button? Thanks.

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Velvet Underground - Run Run Run

I don't know who this Stewert1 is, but he knows me well. It doesn't hurt that his profile picture is Jack White.
I haven't heard The Velvet Underground in a long time.

Goldfrapp - Strict Machine

I had no idea. This artist was only a figment of the movie Juno to me. Maybe it wasn't Juno, (Goldfrapp tickets?) Maybe that was Hard Candy... Anyway this is actually pretty dope.
via m1lamb

Blur - Mellow Song

One thing I love about is I can listen to neighbors and friends radio. Especially people who's match bar is completely full. Helps me know how much we are actually alike.
via m1lamb

Andrew Bird - "Imitosis"

I love Andrew Bird, he is SO interesting in his approach. I have yet to catch him live but I'm waiting.
Anyway this is my favorite song by him, it caught me by talking from the point of view of a scientist. It's interesting that he speaks on "the one" and calls it "alone". Chew on that.

Zoo Animal - Folded Hands (Live on The Local Show)

I am strangely drawn to her style of singing.

NPR Video Sessions: Alex Cuba

I might be in love.

T-Model Ford - Sallie Mae

Never may be a strong word but I'll never get sick of the blues guitar.
It is indeed Jack Daniels Time.

Hauschka at NPR: Improvisation

wow. wow. wow.

Freelance Whales: "Generator 1st Floor" (Tiny SXSW Concert)

another gift to me. My friend Emir sends me the most amazing music.

Beirut - "Nantes"

This was sent to me <3

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Cinematic Orchestra - Postlude

(this one's for Mikey lol)

The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement"

"In order to tame this relentless marauder..."
I effin LOVE Alex Turner. *sigh*
Where are The Last Shadow Puppets anyway. They need to do another album.

Buck Owens - 1966 - Loves Gonna Live Here

Don't hate.
It's too happy to hate on.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah! New York

I miss the grimy raw style they used to have. =/
It SO suits New York.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Lupe Fiasco- What U Want feat. Kenna

Blockhead - Road Rage Breakdown


Drume Negrita...Francisco Céspedes & Bola de Nieve

I haven't heard this in forever. I used to talk to this older Cuban guy, Juan, at the record shop on 4th St. It's closed now. Epic sadness. He gave me this album, and recited Nieve poems to me. One day I came in and he was so excited to play me this song when it first came out. I MISS him!!!

Adele - My Same

The Ettes - Red in Tooth and Claw

Joi - Techno Pimp

She brought this song up on twitter today, and she sampled Pimp C for the chorus. I had to write back saying I LOVE playing this song for newbies. lol

Friday, December 03, 2010

MIA - $20

Not particularly a fan on hers, but this song went SO hard at a Saul Williams show.
Just came to mind.

just a PSA

Don't Be Evil...

The Beast File: Google (HUNGRY BEAST) from Elmo Keep on Vimeo.

Le Royaume

Lucille Hegamin - Has Anybody Seen My Corine?

Classic 1920's piece that I had to bring to youtube. I'm actually quite surprised no one has brought it to Boardwalk Empire (for the last scene when the girlfriend vanished before going to Paris?). Do you hear me world? Hire me. Music Director.

The xx - VCR

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone

Regina Carter & N'Teri live

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I think I found my people

Afro Latino - Los Rakas & Chief Boeima

And I'm not being partial because I know them, it slaps.
Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, &#8220;Afro Latino&#8221; MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix

As The Pirates Bay fights the United States to maintain privacy rights, the United States is fighting Wikileaks to maintain privacy...

Cold War Kids - Against Privacy

This whole manhunt for Assange is pissing me off. It's interesting to me that Sweden is changing the game of global politics, pointing at web warfare, information warfare, net neutrality, privacy and transparency of government. I support both websites (TPB & Wikileaks) for different reasons. This concept that government has a right to invade our personal lives to keep us safe from each other is garbage, especially on a global scale. Interpol has issued an arrest warrent for Assange under the pretense of espionage, but if what he did was espionage, how is it not for the New York Times and The Gaurdian? They published these cables (albeit edited) before WikLeaks could launch. The French Amazon servers that were hosting the cables has decided to remove them, which in a way is completely contrary to their business model. If you are against freedom of information or freedom of speech, get OUT of the business of selling books.

I came across a blog today that provided Homeland securities policy on internet spying and keywords. Here, on page 17, you can find a list of keywords, that if they come up in your twitter or facebook will get you spied on. How is this even legal? Who and what are they actually protecting? It's not the people of the United States, we're sick of getting radiation exposure and felt up at the airports. Why don't they check cargo freights, trains, local transit? All of which are possible sites for terrorism. How about trying American citizens who commit acts of terrorism as terrorists and not saving that title for anyone with an Arabic name. At least Wikileaks gives us an insight to what exactly all of this is for. Wikileaks has given me concrete reasons to believe that there are real terrorists out there. Wikileaks also shows me, with proof not speculation, that all clandestine operations are NOT in the effort of global security. Intuitively we know that, but people need to be held responsible for their actions.

At the end of the day I need a reason, a REAL reason for you to search every orafice of my body and luggage at an airport. A police officer can't do it without a warrent, and they represent the law. TSA does not. TSA is a security guard company, YES, Top Flight. Like at the mall. I could see actual police officers, but not this.

It will be a sad day if/when they capture Assange, but I appreciate the way he has forced Americans & America (being the government) to address themselves on the level of global responsibility. I hope this ends well.

you can follow news of both viw twitter

Tosca J.A.C / John Lee Huber

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brian Eno - Complex Heaven

this is magical.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Pieces of the Whole

hell yes.

get this album.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Hand Covers Bruise

Yep. I'm one of those that thinks Trent Reznor is a genius. get over it.

The Rapture - Pieces of The People We Love

Bryan Ferry - Shameless

"Rock & Roll is shameless"

Billie Holiday - You're My Thrill


Brian Eno - Dust Shuffle

Basement Jaxx Feat. Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck

CLASSIC! I was reminded of this song a few minutes ago. Needed it.

Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me

This is probably a repeat on this blog, but it keeps coming on and I'm FEELING it.

Reba McEntire - If I Were A Boy (Album Version)

I actually like this.

Banana Clips EP out today

Push Am
War Dem Want feat. MC Tidal
Crisis Remix feat. Khady Black
Sweet Girl Love feat. Black Nature & Missy Galore
Talking Drum
Afro Latino feat. Los Rakas
Coupe Cumbia

 Download for free here

Friday, November 26, 2010