Sunday, July 22, 2007

cuz she's back on time

on the menu tonight:
mr. lif
jedi mind tricks
spoonful - gravity - hibernation - nimrod - k-nice

long live underground hip hop

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

mr. lif - live from the plantation

jedi mind tricks/army of the pharaohs - tear it down

murs - bad man (personal favorite)

love ya.
stay green.

***anyone seen my hoodie?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

...genetics is the reason for that ;)

On the menu tonight:
Mos Def
Damien & Ziggy Marley
John Lennon
Macy Gray
The Decemberists

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Just a random night. Here's to midweek holidays.

John Lennon - Ho do you sleep (about the song and original footage)

Macy Gray - Sexual Revolution

OMG this is hilarious

stay green. (it ain't easy)
happy 4th.