Sunday, April 29, 2007

soul shakedown

On the menu tonight:
Jurassic 5 & Dave Mathews Band
Cut Chemist
Nightmares on Wax
Bob Marley & The Wailers

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Jurassic 5 & Dave Mathews Band - Work It Out

Nightmares on Wax - Flip Ya Lid

Murs - Risky Business
just needed to play some murs... no particular reason why

stay green peoples

Sunday, April 15, 2007

oh i believe, in mr. grieves

On the menu tonight:
Corinne Baily Rae
Zion I, Akrobatik, DJ Hype
? (a little help...)
TV On The Radio
Mos Def

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Akrobatik interview -

Corrine Baily Rae - Trouble Sleeping

TV On The Radio - Young Liars (Live)

stay green

Sunday, April 08, 2007

a fine night

On the menu tonight:
Macklemore his myspace
Nancy Sinatra
Cut Chemist
Amy Winehouse

it's gonna be a fine night...

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Macklemore - The Bush Song
Thank you Gov! laced me with hella music this week. still sorting...!

Macklemore's style is confessional, intimate, self-conscious; kicking off his LP with his incisive "White Privilege," he clearly isn't pulling any punches, especially toward himself. Even on the more boastful tracks, one can sense his decompression, his willingness, or rather his need to put it all out there, bolstered by the necessary skills to back it up. Although he may scarcely appreciate the comparison, Mack's style evokes Atmosphere's Slug, minus the Rhymesayer's more flagrant emo histrionics. Unlike Sluggo's Midwest meditations, however, Macklemore can be identified as a product of Seattle after one listen to his record.
full article here from The Stranger (Seattle's ONLY Newspaper)

Nancy Sinatra - Boots

Amy Winehouse - Rehab
all i can say is... wow...

a little on amy
Born and raised in North London, Amy Winehouse spent her teenage years balancing school and boyfriends with hours locked in her bedroom, ears glued to classic song chord changes. She grew up on the sweet sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Ray Charles. But her voice was clearly living a secret life, staying out, getting high, breaking down, going to prison and violating parole. At least it sounds that way.

She might sound like a 40’s jazz singer, but she’s using smart hip hop beats and lyrics for today’s listener. Her style is not for the candlelit basement. It’s out there living in the real world of Gucci bags, Diesel underwear, high heels, breast implants, weed after school, cheating airhead honeys and runaway crushes. So instead of singing songs like ‘Dancing Cheek’ To Cheek, we get ‘Fuck Me Pumps’, and are all the better for it. Forget about torch themes from yesteryear this talented young femme fatale is going to tell you like it is at any cost.

Her father’s tutelage, enabled her to pick up some serious exposure to the classics like Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington. From Ella to Dinah, she felt her way forward through the old greats. She conjurs up the eloquence and technical aspects of Ella Fitzgerald while delivering cutting edge, sometimes crass, lyrics reminicent of my girl Nina Simone.

The irony in her music is what makes her album so cool. In the album ‘Frank‘, Amy is able to deliver “technically faultless” jazz vocals, and then she knocks the shit out of a bluesy soul track. The paradox has to be heard to be believed!!! While Amy was studying the jazz icons of her father’s childhood, soul music was going through a metamophasis of its own. Suddenly Hip Hop leaked into her headphones. Amy was digging Mos Def for his positive message, and by extension making room for Talib Kweli, The Roots, Nas and Erykah Badu. It is not hard to believe that eventually concise socially conscious lyrics, jazz enunciation and feisty attitude were coming together to form Amy’s own thing. You can see it in the raw on ‘Frank’.
full article

happy easter to all.
hope the giant bunny brought lots of money.
stay green.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rock on wit yo Black self!

On the menu tonight:
The Noisettes
Ben Harper
TV on the Radio

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Black rocker night! I've been waiting for this one. FIRST, let's let go of the taboo of Black rockers. Nobody is trying to be White when they rock out, they just like being rockers. Besides we invented rock music. So think on that...
No need for me to play JIMI, you've heard him lots from me, so I figured I'd feature some artists you may not have heard yet.

First someone put together a list Decrees Black Rocker List it's active so feel free to leave a comment or missed artist.

Also, I LOVE mohwaks, bet you wouldn't guess that. So I was thinking about the two terms we have in the Black rocker community, Bro-hawks and Fro-hawks. What's the difference you ask? I'll show you;

A Bro-hawk, the person still has a full head of hair and it is somehow maneuvered into a mohawk. Either faux-hawked (pushed up into a mohawk and massive gel) braided or rubber banded.


MG the Visionary

Fro-hawks are when the head is shaved on the sides and the mohawk part is just natural afro growing out. The Fro-hawk was invented by Mr T. No joke.

thank you Geech for bringing sexy back...

Nature Boy Jim Kelly and son

Lyende's Lady frohawk

Sly Stone

Thank you Mr T. from the bottom of my heart. You made this officially cool. I seriously, pity the fool...

yours truly
young rocker Venus.
Love that faux-hawk!

been a rocker long before i had a set of warm-ups and adidas... gotta love the 80's.