Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I can't seem to fix my internet issue

Give me a while, I'll keep you entertained with youtubes, but something is wrong with my uploading. My microphone doesn't liek my new computer either, it's all haywire. I didn't just decide to stop though. SOOOOO much new music. I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy this Nat King Cole, I first heard it in Won Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love
Quizás Quizás Quizás

stay green.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Since all my interenets are messing up

I'll post some cool stuff and free music.

First, The Knux have a sampler 5 free songs from their album: "Fuck You". I was a fan of Bang Bang and Cappuchino, but I hope the content is better than the title. I"m Downloading it now, It's from Spin Mag.

There's a also a dope doc coming out about female hip hop. The trailer is posted on Vimeo, and now here
It's called The Revival

THE REVIVAL from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

And Lastly I don't think I posted this before, but here's a link to a mash up mixtape called Wu Tang Clan - Enter The Dubstep

stay green.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Oh how I hate Apple products. This may be th elast straw for me. I've been trying to transfer everything to a new computer and the transfer of playlists is VERY important tome. I mean you KNOW how much work they are, they are like records or journals. Anyway it's not working. I really did have 5 songs, but I'll have to set this up somehow through WinAmp for the next show. In fact I'm setting up my iPod through WinAmp instead of iTunes, until it dies and then I'm getting a different mp3 player. I'm sick of Apple.
So just be patient I'm working to get this last episode up.
Happy New Year!
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