Sunday, February 24, 2008

uncharted terrain

on the menu tonight:
curtis mayfield
jack johnson
lenny kravitz
andre 3000 & rosario dawson
curtis mayfield & mixmaster mike

so i'm feelin it...
are you?

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

always about the music/showcasing talent from all over the globe

just trust me on this one, it's billie jean on violin...

Check out this video: Kansas


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Every Smith Ever - Kansas
gotta rep my boys in the North East

and for something related to the podcast
outkast - the whole world (one of my top favs)

stay green.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

you are the change you've been waiting for

thank Obama for that one.

on the menu tonight:
johnny cash
the orient express
mos def
lou rawls
the holmes brothers

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Sunday Night Jam Sessions

i when i originally set out to do this podcsat i had no real idea why i was doing it, other than ebcause i just love music. but after reveling in victory for my preferred candidate i realized i play the music publically because i want to see a change in the way music is treated in this country. there is no music in most public schools anymore, there are very few independant radio stations, and that which is on the air is heavily regulated, and now they even want to make you pay for internet radio; the last domain of freedom of artistic expression. there is no other way other than sheer curiosity that will expose us, or our children, to the rich history and liberating power of music. so what initially started as a project to help build everyone's musical library, has built itself into the fight for our right to regain access to the worlds greatest musicians. so that's why i'm here. fighting the establishment and playing what i want, royalty free, and always standing up for the little guy.
ok i'm off my soapbox.
i really do it cuz i love the music.
stay green.

have you heard about the war on scientology?
hackers have found a cause

Obama has my official endorsement

oh yeah and some music...

close the door - the holmes brothers (live)

stay green.