Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dump GoDaddy today - Fight for internet rights

I'm dumping them for my domain use. I believe in keeping the internet as free as possible, and don't belive that if I host content my internet, that I pay for should be edited. ESPECIALLY if I'm doing it as squarely as possible. SItes like this one and my others ( and ) will get shut down just because I MAY have a photo with a name brand product without consent. Say you and your friends take pictures and someone has a can of Coke - boom - your page is shut down. Sounds fun right? Fight America on SOPA. Even if you don't live here you can take a stand by not supporting companies that are supporting this bill. Money talks! Just like we're fighting big banking by moving to credit unions, move your domain to web hosts who share the same ideologies!
You can move your domain for $6.00 with the coupon code SOPASUCKS

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a proposed bill that would allow owners of intellectual property to block or disable any website that they consider infringes on their intellectual property.

Unfortunately, the bill takes a “carpet bombing” approach to piracy and gives intellectual property owners unprecedented powers in being able to take websites down without any sort of due process.

The bill goes so far that many people have renamed it the “Stop Online Privacy Act” because it infringes on both privacy and freedom.

Many people are worried, and rightly so, about how SOPA can hurt the internet. SOPA hurts consumers, SOPA hurts service providers, and SOPA hurts freedom of speech.

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