Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cem Karaca - Islak Islak

Hey Turkey! I see you! I've gotten a huge influx of Turkish visits on my site so I decided to look up some Turkish rock and see what you have going on. This is GREAT! The song, not what he's wearing, although I suspect there's a Hipster somewhere biting his style and they can't even appreciate the music.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed really. And very happy that you search for Turkish music. Cem Karaca was very popular in 80's and he was insisting about the cloths of his time. That's why he wears them. I really recommend you cem adrian also. His style is not rock but I think he is amazing. Keep up the good work. Wish you luck

V* said...

Thank You! Yeah when I found Cem Karaca I thought he was amazing, I'll admit his clothes made him unique, and obviously a true artist of his time. Thanks for the recommendation I'm looking him up now.
enjoy the blog!