Sunday, December 12, 2010

So I Discovered Surf Yesterday

Well, I USED to call it Tarantino music, which is like my favorite music ever, but I never knew there was a genre name. How stupid is that being that I'm from California? To my credit I associated all Surf with The Beach Boys. FAIL.
Anyway I was listening to KFJC, and this has happened twice, they just have perfect song after perfect song playing. Amazing. And FINALLY this woman who does the Reverb Hour, Cousin Mary, defines it for me. UGH! I'm so happy about that. blasting the surf channel. YES!!!! So beware. There will be like a million of these posts.

Surf Rider

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Cousin Mary said...

Happened across this entry when I was doing a Google search for my music reviews! Since you wrote this in December, the Reverb Hour has moved to a new time slot: 8-9pm on Saturdays on KFJC 89.7FM. Thanks for listening and so glad to hear that you love surf music.